Surviving the campaign

Watch the new Kabataan partylist infomercials. Our chapter in Tagum also produced a video ad. Find out how to download Kabataan Partylist themes in your cellphones. Check out the article I wrote for Tinig. There are new pictures in my photoblog.

We don’t have guns, goons and gold. We are enemies of generals, garci and gloria. But we do have grit, guts and glint. Most importantly, we have thousands of tireless members who are determined to succeed in the coming elections. The hunger to win and organized strength of a partylist group are important in ensuring electoral victory. One does not just rely on sweep votes through massive postering. A partylist group must have a cohesive army of campaigners who will work for solid votes in communities throughout the country. Fortunately, our group is supported by youth formations recognized for their grassroots organizing prowess.

Government funds and fraud machinery of local warlords may help bogus partylist groups. But why rely on grossly illegitimate deeds? Where is the fun in this?

So far, we have been surviving the campaign. We lack resources but we have an oversupply of creative ideas on how to mount an efficient and effective nationwide campaign. My salute to all our members and supporters!

Cybercampaign. I have already blogged about the usefulness and necessity of online campaigning. Let me emphasize that among all partylist groups and candidates in this year’s elections, Kabataan Partylist has been giving the most notable attention in maximizing the power of the internet. Thank you dear bloggers, friendster users and you tube addicts!

Road trip. We borrowed an old coaster from a friendly NGO and we painted it with colourful, youthful icons. The coaster, our only vehicle, has already visited various schools and communities in Metro Manila, Pampanga, Olongapo, Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and Rizal. Our recent road trip in Southern Tagalog was memorable since we have to stop regularly and push the vehicle to start the battery. In many instances, the trip was both comic and tragic when we have to assist the driver since the vehicle lost its headlight and horn.

Isko, our mascot. Isko stands for iskolar (obvious bang marami sa aming taga-UP?). He is our official mascot. Voters need not remember the names of our nominees so we thought of an icon which will campaign in behalf of us in various activities and sorties. Isko is admired by pedestrians during motorcades. He is popular during concerts and assemblies. Sometimes he carries a guitar; sometimes he has a school bag. Isko’s costume was designed and made by university fine arts students.

Travel tips. Before the school semester ended last month, I was able to speak in many schools throughout the country. How did we raise funds for plane tickets? We asked student councils to pay for my travel expenses. For example, our chapter in Iloilo organized a symposium in four schools. Student governments from each school shared the cost of my air fare. Nakatipid kami, nakatipid din ang mga eskuwelahan. Masaya ang lahat.

We also befriended bus drivers and conductors. This friendship is valuable so that we can transport our campaign materials to different parts of Luzon for free.

Posters. We have very few posters. Do you see them in your area? I will not be surprised if you haven’t seen a Kabataan partylist poster. We can only afford posters of newsprint quality. A young professor will donate plastic posters this week. How are we improvising? Some chapters are collecting used tarpaulin streamers and they write campaign slogans at the back of these materials. Some are using old newspapers (similar to what supporters of Fred Lim have been doing in Manila). Yung iba katya, sako at minsan gumagamit din ng uling.

Songs and videos. Perhaps it’s time we launch an album containing the songs and jingles of Kabataan Partylist composed by our supporters and members. Some of these songs were made for karaoke stations. We also have to compile the short but appealing video teasers which are now accessible in you tube.

Txtpower. Cellphone users can now download Kabataan Partylist themes, icons, ringtones and video clips of our celebrity endorsers. Some chapters are recruiting vendors of e-load and reloading stations so that they can access texters.

Prayers. My mother who lives in California leads the prayer team. My aunts and cousins have already visited Manaog, St. Jude and the Pink sisters of St. Joseph. I also pray, especially during those fearful days when my daughter was confined in a hospital for acute pneumonia.


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  1. Posted April 16, 2007 at 8:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Mong! I have seen your posters around Davao City. More power to Kabataan Party!

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