Hello Edgar

Following is an excerpt of a news item I wrote last year days after the Hello Garci expose:

The real Gary

While the nation ponders who is the “Gary” in the taped conversations released by Malacañang, the chief of staff of Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo of Negros Occidental came forward and claimed the voice of the man in the controversial tapes sounded like his own.

Edgar Ruado, who was once political officer of then Senator Macapagal-Arroyo submitted a two-page affidavit to the National Bureau of Investigation after hearing the conversations on TV and recognizing his own voice.

He said PGMA and her husband called him many times during the 2004 elections but they never talked about rigging the election results.

We never heard from Mr. Ruado again after his confession in public. Mrs. Arroyo never spoke of her former political officer when she made her infamous ‘I’m sorry’ speech. In fact she admitted talking to an election officer but she never mentioned Mr. Ruado.

If Ruado is Gary or Garci, Malacañang should have asserted this point. But obviously, it is not the truth. Why do educated people allow themselves to be used by devious politicians?

People never bought the claim of Ruado that he was Gari or Garci. So Gloria’s spinmasters abandoned the idea.

I believe the Edgar Ruado episode is one solid proof that Malacañang cannot be trusted. In fact, Malacañang still would not admit that Gari or Garci is no other than Virgilio Garcillano.

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