To the streets

A pro-administration lawmaker argued that the Minority failed to get the minimum 79 votes to impeach the President because it was obsessed in trying to grab power through street rallies for a long time. He added that the Minority has a low regard for due process.

I beg to disagree.

It is the elite’s contempt for People Power which redirected the attention and energy of everyone to the impeachment process. While big rallies are being held throughout the country, we saw how the anti-Arroyo politicians, civil society, Church and other pompous middle forces mocked these protest actions as fruitless, irrational and unnecessary.

Now, everyone is calling the people to go to the streets and if the impeachment is finally thrashed, civil disobedience is being proposed.

The media is reporting that this will be the start of big street actions. Or that Filipinos are now ready to launch another People Power to oust the President. But what about July 13? Or July 25? Have they already forgotten that these were big protest marches?

It must be emphasized that indignation rallies to be held this week do not signify the start of another uprising but rather they are linked to the previous anti-GMA actions by the militant opposition.

Those of us who are determined to remove GMA from power have long ago realized that the people, and not the trapo-dominated Congress, will decide the political fate of our country. We were called troublemakers, law-breakers and unthinking impulsive fools for the position we took.

When civil society called for a Truth Commission or the need for an impeachment, we already predicted that they will soon abandon their foolhardy ideas to get rid of Gloria and will eventually join the people in the streets.

Now they are one with us. Together with the extreme and moderate Left, the Erap-FPJ group, Bangon, the masa and other sectors which they fear or belittle. And look now, they are getting the credit for starting an uprising which they once disdained.

Oh well, since it is the time for a united front, it must be noted that it is a positive development that more personalities and groups are joining the clamor for GMA’s removal through people power.

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