A father’s lament

Excuse the cynical and pessimistic tone of this article. This was a hasty reaction to the Makati bombing while I was at the hospital last month….

I dread the day my daughter would ask me what was happening in the world on the day she was born. Would I tell her that while she was struggling to get out of her mother’s womb, innocent people died after terrorist bombs exploded in different parts of the country? How would she react if I let her know that the euphoria we felt when she was born was not shared by our fellow Filipinos in Jolo and Sulu caught in the crossfire between military and Moro rebels?

Would it help if I explain that even at the time of my birth, such is the state of affairs in our land? But that would mean we are such a stubborn and war-mongering race.

Well, my fears could be premature. At the rate of our propensity to make things worse, my daughter might grow up under the same spiteful and violent temperament of those in power. Perhaps the situation might worsen to a point when people will have little or no recollection of an unperturbed world.

We have lost the moral right to inhabit this beautiful planet because of our dirty and diabolical activities which can annihilate all that is good and living. The world according to schools is only the sanitized version of an otherwise nasty, ugly and cruel place to live. Textbooks depict the society through the looking glass of disney films. Children is given a bite of reality the hard way outside the schools where crooks and hooligans abound.

We are running out of sanctuaries that can provide refuge to people seeking solace from the harshness of the world. Even the Church has squandered its claim as the moral bastion of the land. Fleeing the country is an option but friends would be quick to remind that all things considered, our society is still the most friendly place on Earth.

A British historian described the 20th century as the age of extremes. Democracy and dictatorship flourished. Communism and capitalism pitted against each other. Science boomed, religion waned. Wealth was appropriated by the few while mass poverty engulfed the globe.

How about the 21st century? Would it go down in history as the age when man will lose all affinity with social institutions preferring to live alone and isolated from mainstream society? Would man turn its back on the rational world which can only boast of a degenerate society?

I grew up having faith in my fellow men to do good but this is quickly being eroded with each passing day.
We seem to be incapable of fostering goodwill and we condone the wicked values of man. We abandoned decency and peace in order to embrace hate. We pollute the minds of the young by glorifying their adoption of the adult’s evil mindset.

Like any other parent, I want to shield my daughter from all the scourges of evil in our society. But how would I accomplish this without exposing her to the moral decay of man and its effect on the community? As part of the cursed society of man, I fear I might afflict her with the madness sweeping the land.

Oh what tragedy if my daughter would grow up us one of us! Her innocence lost and a human desensitized to pain, suffering, poverty and violence.



  1. anonymous
    Posted April 6, 2005 at 8:43 am | Permalink | Reply

    Forget that. We have global warming, non-renewable energy issues and asteroids/meteors crashing on earth to deal with in the next ten years. If we survive that, remind her to remain a virgin till, uhm, she’s 18. Now these are immediate concerns.

    Yep, Drypers Medium. Gotcha.

  2. Posted April 11, 2005 at 10:31 am | Permalink | Reply

    By the way. this is Isao.

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